Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trying to Stay on Track

As per my typical ADD self I got lost somewhere in the midst of my daily challenge.  Every day I have continued to try VERY HARD to keep my words positive and praising Dan for all his hard work.  I have to say not only has it seemed to change how he responds to me but it seems that I am starting to change.  Instead of feeling pissed that he isn't home for dinner again, I haven't felt angry or frustrated about it, but this surprising emotion of...what is that???  Compassion?  Amazing how we can lose that for our husbands after years of marriage and kids and whatever. 
I spent so many years feeling and frankly...knowing....that my years in the trenches of having 3 babies at home was the harder job that I got used to feeling justified in my annoyance towards my husband.  And those years when I was home with all 3 all day with no breaks - it was pretty rough.  And my sweet husband never really complained.  He readily admitted that life was hard for me. 
These days I get more free time and he is getting less and less as he progresses in his career.  And I have still been complaining.  This challenge has done wonders for changing MY perspective and MY heart.  I feel less jaded and cheated by his career and feel compassion for him when he misses tucking the kids in again. 
And truthfully, I feel more in love with him.

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