Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Have to Be Perfect

What I am trying to do with this challenge is to approach it in a way that is not "All or nothing..."  I'm going to be tired and cranky and annoyed by the little details that get under our skin in marriage.  But instead of trying to be perfect and not ever be snarky with my husband (although that it a goal of mine!!)  I'm trying to transform the big picture.  To get to a place where frustration isn't my go to emotion - which it can be, especially related to Dan.  And why?  He's a good man.  He fixes stuff around the house, he's a good provider, he plays with the kids and truly acts like a partner. 
There are 2 rooms we can live in.  There is the room where you have posters with sayings like "My husband is such a slob - pick up your socks!"  and "For once can you give me a compliment or give me a kiss before grabbing my boobs?"  or maybe worse.... "I'll never forget or forgive him for the time he ______________".  

The walls in this room are plastered with hurts, unforgiveness, unmet expectations.  If we spend too much time in this room our spouse will get under our skin...annoy us....disappoint us.

The other room in our lives has posters that say things like "My husband is the greatest kisser."  or "I love how he brings me my morning coffee in bed on Saturdays."  Or "I'll never forget the tender way he held me and took care of me the day my grandmother died..."

These walls are covered with thousands of blessings your husband has provided you with, happy memories, words like  SMART, HANDSOME, HILARIOUS. 

Most of the time after years of marriage the door to the negative room seems to want to stay open and invite us in.  And the happy positive room seems like an obligation to visit.

I believe the more time we spend in our happy room, the more we develop a positive attitude in our marriage.  This challenge reminds us to spend more time in that room.

My husband is one of the greatest blessings God has ever given me.  My goal in this challenge is not to be perfect at it, but to help me an appreciative, prayerful wife who behaves as though she has been blessed by God.  

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