Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Money - Love it Hate it

Today I was supposed to make sure we are dealing with our finances in a respectful way towards our husbands.  This is a tricky one for me.  And I came home with a plethera of bags from the mall.  LOL.  Most of which I cleared by him first though.  But it is inevitably always more than he anticipates.  It's a tricky thing balancing my love of spending, holding back for the sake of respecting my husband's wishes and also providing all the things we "need" as a family. 

We've taken a few hard hits here in the last few months financially.  But I did make sure I consulted Dan today about some big purchases that are looming over our heads.  I made my recommendation, and left it to him to decide.  He did in fact go another way from what I wanted, but I think we made a pretty good arrangement and I'd like to think he felt respected. 

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