Sunday, July 24, 2011

Praise and Respect

Giving my husband praise has never been a hard point for me.  As a person with a "Love Language" of words of affirmation I tend to dispense compliments and words of encouragement like candy.  It comes naturally to me to tell my husband how much I love him, respect him etc.  I know this is a sticky area for alot of women.  Sometimes we feel as though we don't respect our husbands so why should we bother to praise them?  Because praising them is a form of respect - which God asks us to give our husbands.

Finding the good in Dan is never all that hard for me.  There is a deep amount of love that I carry for him so there is always something to praise him about.   It's true - if you can't think of anything you love and respect about your husband enough to speak about - keep looking you'll find it.

The biggest thing to me is keeping realistic expectations for my husband.  He is a stable, hardworking, practical man.  He's never going to wake up in the morning and be my best girlfriend and anxiously discuss the latest Nordstrom sale.   He's never going to be a character in a Nicholas Sparks novel.  And I don't want him to be.  Even though there are times that I act like he isn't meeting these needs.  The Bible doesn't say that your husband shall supply all your need.  But it DOES say "May God shall supply all my need according to his riches in glory."  Phil 4:19 

So here is one of many lists I plan to make about things to praise Dan about.

1.  He is an excellent provider
2.  He makes me laugh every day
3.  He works hard to supply as many needs as he can for us.  Needs AND wants
4.  I know he strives to make me happy.  Not all husbands do.
5.  He's a FANTASTIC dad.
6.  He's brilliant
7. I look up to him in so many ways and rely on him for his wisdom

I think it's important to make these lists and make them often.  In our head, on your blog, in a note packed in his lunch.  Focusing on these positives will only promote more thinking and dwelling on these positives.

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