Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So here I am technically on day 1.  And I wake up cranky.  Gr.  But to my credit when he got home 2 hours late last night - I felt compassion instead of the desire to be pissy and take it out on him.  When I got the text that he was going to be late again, my first feelings were anger...but I reminded myself of my mission and just told him I was sad and missed him. 
This morning I just woke up cranky.  And it didn't start out well. He didn't get his first class greeting right away, but I sent him off with a yummy packed lunch and good kiss good-bye.   He won't be home until very late tonight but I'll make sure to tell him how lucky I feel to be his wife. 

In the meantime, I plan to get my daily reading time in with "The Power of the Praying Wife".  That has really been helpful too.

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