Monday, April 12, 2010

Dangit, what day am I on?

This challenge has been pretty decent.  No so hard on some days.  Like today - when I forgot all about it and nagged my husband nearly into a coma.  But hey, have pity on me.  I am a Navy wife after all and have to withstand being married to the entire Navy on most days.  So most of that nagging is on THEIR behalf.  And we sweet delightful, long-suffering husband gets to endure my outrage. 
Having said that...we press on through week one.  I think I have been a smidge better in the negativity category but there is much....MUCH room for improvement.
Building my husband up continues to be a pretty easy job for me.  Especially since - sincerely people - he is SO dang helpful.  It may not be the kind of helpful that I want at that very minute (and so it often goes unnoticed) but when I sit back and look.  He is great about being a help to me.  And when I see other husbands and how much THEY help.  I am doubly reminded NOT to complain.
Today's challenge was about finances.  I do not pretend in any way shape or form to have a clue about that.  There is no need to criticize my hubs about that.  He's a financial genius, and he is the only thing that keeps me from driving us to financial ruin.  However, my desire to reign in the spending has been going fairly well. 
Bring it on week 2.  Let's see how this goes!

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